• And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. - Anais Nin


    I have a passion for and a great deal of experience working with the following:


    Trauma can happen at all stages of life. Having a space to make sense of difficult experiences with a trusted therapist can lead to greater freedom and ease in ones life.

    Gender + Sexuality

    I am a cisgender queer woman myself and I have over 20 years experience and ongoing training in working with Transgender, Gender non-conforming, Queer folks, and their loved ones. I can support you and help broaden your self understanding whether you or a loved one is coming out or you just want a therapist who "gets it".

    Relationships and Aloneness

    Life is teeming with relationships - friendships, family, spouses, colleagues. Amidst it all we may find ourselves in conflict, confused or feeling lonely. Therapy provides an opportunity to create lasting change in the aforementioned areas.

    Depression + Anxiety

    Grief + Loss

    Life Transitions

    Chronic Illness/Pain


    Family Conflict

    Individuating from family, transforming familial relationships, and issues of estrangement.

    Adults with no Children

    Adults who do not have children are an often overlooked group. Some adults are very comfortable with not having children while others have many ambivalent feelings to sort through. In either position as an adult with no children you have a unique experience different than the norm.

    Women in Tech







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    Anne-Marie Basso LMFT 91041
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